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Need your car back on the straight and narrow? Don’t go any further than an Ocean Tyres Wheel Alignment. With Ocean Tyres experience your car will be back to brand new in no time.

What is a wheel alignment?

A wheel alignment measures, adjusts and positions the wheels of your car to ensure the least amount of wear on your tyres and suspension. When correctly set the alignment will ensure greater fuel economy, better handling, your car will be safer to drive and the life of your tyres will be significantly extended.

When do I need a wheels alignment?

If your car is pulling to one side, wanders off centre on a straight road and if your steering wheel isn’t straight – After hitting a kerb or driving over a particularly nasty pothole – When you are replacing your tyres.

Ocean Tyres Wheel Alignment Services

From the V8 sports models to the bush bashing 4WD, every vehicle is different and must be correctly measured by an expert to ensure the best results. Ocean Tyres wheel alignment services include: – Front wheel drive alignment – Rear wheel drive alignment – Four wheel alignment – 4WD wheel alignment


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Need your car on the straight and narrow? Book in today for a Wheel Alignment with Ocean Tyres.

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