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Wheels feeling a little wonky? That’s ok! Get back in balance with Ocean Tyres quality wheel balancing service.

What is a wheel balance?

A wheel balance involves redistributing the weight of your wheels to provide you with a smooth ride, extend the life of the tyre, and increase performance and your vehicles safety. This ensures  that your tyres and wheels do not have a heavy spot, which may cause vibration, and premature tyre wear. We believe it’s important to have the perfect wheel balance, so don’t settle for second best – trust Ocean Tyres to bring back the balance!

When do I need my wheels balanced?

– If vibration can be felt through your steering wheel and/or at high speeds

– If your tyres are exceptionally noisy

– When you are replacing or rotating your tyres


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Wheels feeling a little wonky? Book in today for a Wheel Balance with Ocean Tyres.

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